I have always been a generous soul. Blame it on the fact that I get maawain easily. Give me those puppy eyes and I’ll buy it. Partner it with a puppy pout and I’ll buy you dog food or whatever you want. Sometimes, I get so maawain I feel like those stupid superheroes who get fooled by the villain disguised as a gusgusin kid or the dead significant other.

I am not as rich as I want to be but I know that I am more privileged than others so to show how grateful I am, I make sure that I help those who I consider less privileged, from the gusgusin kid on the street to the scholar-schoolmate eating Boy Bawang for lunch.

Giving away material things is one of my favorite hobbies because I do not only get to make others happy (one’s trash is one’s treasure), I get to have more storage space too!

I like saying goodbye to clothes that sadly don’t fit me anymore, magazines that I’ve read at least twice, freebies I get from events and basically just about anything that I don’t need or want anymore.

I remember one time when I handed out an ensaymada to a streetkid. A classmate was with me and she complimented my generosity. I told her it was nothing because I was already full and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I realized I wasn’t being nice and generous; I was being practical and I just didn’t need the extra weight inside my bag.

One of these days, 2 people will be a bit happier because I will give them something that they consider quite the booty. And as usual, it’s just 2% generosity. 49% is me wanting to let go of material things so I can live a little less complicated, less materialistic life. The other 49% is me wanting the person to be happy, because seeing that I am able to make someone happy definitely makes me happy.