Last Sunday, a nice surprise birthday party that I prepared was waiting for Honeybun over at her parents’ house. So when it was already 12:30PM and she was just about to curl her hair after blow-drying it, I figured I needed to speed things up or else the guests would die of starvation.

Unexpectedly, the worst thing happened: Honeybun threw a tantrum and didn’t want to leave anymore, saying that she couldn’t understand why the flying fig I was in such a hurry (and that she never leaves the house without her Marimar hair because it gives her energy and confidence).

I tried to woo her to go back to curling her hair so we could leave the house, but I miserably failed. Frustrated, I ended up spilling how her guests were already dead because of starvation. It was already 1PM, for crying out loud. Touched and appreciative, she tried to hurry up and after an hour, we were finally at her party.

Expectedly, everyone else was already experiencing the process of digestion when we arrived. In fact, we were the only ones who haven’t eaten. It was already 2:30PM, for crying out loud. And so we got our plates and filled it with food.

One of the dishes on the table was pancit malabon, which I discovered right then and there Honeybun passionately hates. And so she skipped that.

After the party, we went to the mall to eat some more and then went home. Before sleeping, Honeybun and I were talking and mentioned how much she hates pancit malabon and that she couldn’t believe I ordered it. she said she wouldn’t serve tomato juice on my party because she knows I hate it with so much dedication. She went on and on and on, obviously bothered by the special appearance of the pancit at her party. Of course, I had to argue with her. I said I forgot how much she hates it, and that she had the option not to eat it, which she did. And that it’s not as if it was the only thing on the table, or that everyone else loved it.

Before long, it was a full-blown argument that had both of us in tears. She felt it was such a horrible birthday. I felt underappreciated. We couldn’t stop arguing and it felt so exhausting that at some point we just decided to postpone it so we could finally sleep.

The next day, after I left for work, she discovered some of my gifts which included a Tinker Bell necklace, a bunny-themed children’s book (I give her one every special occasion) and a new phone. What can I say, she was one happy Bunny. She was so happy, grateful and appreciative that I felt it was my birthday when I got home.

Can’t wait for my tomato juice on my birthday.