I design clothes. That’s how gay I am.

Blame it on Archie. Erm, Betty and Veronica, actually. When I was in grade school, I liked drawing the whole gang. One time, I showed my drawings to our school bus driver and out of nowhere, he said I’d be a fashion designer because the clothes of the girls were really fabulous. I didn’t really get it. It sounded like a compliment so I just smiled and shut up.

It started with me replacing the clothes of Betty and Veronica to me making up superheroines (with matching original costumes, of course!). And then the next thing I knew I was drawing women in dresses and gowns and costumes whenever I had the time, paper and inspiration.

Around 8 years ago, I went mad, designing-wise. But as usual, it was nothing serious. It’s not as if I wanted to enter a contest or pass them to someone from the business. I didn’t want to do anything with them, actually. I just felt the need to doodle and so I did.

Thing is, I wasn’t really good. My models were tabingi. I couldn’t draw hands and feet. I couldn’t draw men. I didn’t know shit about clothes and cuts and styles. And so I improvised. And I just had fun – lotsa fun. Some of my models had wheels or grew out of pots. I gave each one of them a name. I used Jesus Christ and Bozanians and Legos as models. And I used only a purple pen to draw them.

I recently looked at my sketchbook and I have to cut me some slack. They’re pretty cool pala. In a weird, high school, whateverest kind of way.

I actually miss sketching and I think some Bozanians are gonna grow from some pots pretty soon.