Last week, I felt like my hair was yuckily longer than usual and that I couldn’t wait for a couple of days to have a haircut. So even if my favorite barber wasn’t around that particular day I was at the mall, I was so bent on having a cut that I tried this other barber over at another barbershop.

The first few minutes passed and I noticed he wasn’t giving me the kind of hairstyle I wanted. And so for the next 15 minutes or so, I gave him instruction after instruction, just to make sure I wouldn’t want to shave all my hair off the moment I leave their shop.

Fortunately, I like the end result.

By the way, going back to when my barber was still snipping, there was this dude who came in while my face was covered with hair. He looked so cool with his cap on and roughly attractive with his facial hair – until he removed his cap and revealed a sprinkle of hair on his head. He looked so…pitiful. I looked at him a couple of times because he looked really cool. And I caught him looking at me a couple of times, probably because I had more hair than him and he was jealous.

After his barber shaved off all his hair, he looked even cooler. Amazing how one can look so great in a matter of minutes. Sana ako din, but I can’t get away with no hai