I missed work last week due to some much-hated virus. I had moolah and a brand new phone with me and I was expectedly very excited to get to know them more, but my body was so weak that I instantly dozed off to la la land the moment I hit the bed.

When I woke up, which was after forever, I felt so much worse. As in specific parts of my body ached for attention with every movement. And I seriously felt like dying. Oh, the drama! Quoting MC in Bye Bye (my fave song of the moment which makes me smile every time I listen to it, despite it being a sad song), “I never knew I could hurt like this.” That line played in my head every time.

The solution (to feeling bad, not hearing MC every time)? Sick puppy look for major awa effect. It works. My sister bought me ice cream, which definitely made me feel so much better. And Honeybun got me cartons and cartons of juice in weird flavors, soft batch cookies from Chips Ahoy AND Keebler’s and looooots of chewy candy.

And because I had nothing better to do, I caught up on some stuff I haven’t had the time to do lately: read glossies (I devoured 5 issues of Details) and watch TV (I caught Pinoy Idol last Saturday and had fun laughing at all the contestants, and finished the first season of Dexter).

Thanks to all those (oh, and medication too), I feel a little better now. As usual, I vow to never be sick ever again. While it does give you the time to slow down and have time for some other stuff that you’ve neglected, physical pain and feeling (okay, being) useless are triple bitches. As Joswah of Temptation Island would say, “Rub a dub dub, two bitches in a tub!”

Now I can’t wait to spend and tinker with my new gadget. And get some more ice cream. Mmm, ube. LOLers.