And so Whitney won in the Cycle 10 of "America's Next Top Model." Supposedly the first-ever plus-size model to do so, although there are reports about her real size and the accurate definition of plus-size.

And I hate it. I think Tyra Banks is just making a statement with the reality show's latest winner.

Sure, Whitney is a pretty girl, but she's just too pageant-y, bubbly and commercial for me. She's not fierce. She was also bitchy, self-absorbed, rude, disrespectful and delusional – or at least that's how she was portrayed in the show.

Second placer Anya might be a little off and weird for normal people, but she was robbed. It would have been a nice showdown if Anya battled it out with Fatima, who looks stunning despite lacking natural grace and runway skills.

And so Whitney won and I still find it hard to accept. I can't wait for the next cycle when Tyra can reclaim herself.

Photo from: http://www.cwtv.com/thecw/gen-gallery-whitney-winner