Me and Honeybun were napping last Saturday when this howl suddenly woke us from our slumber. It was our maid Belle who we thought was once again possessed by some elemental. We eventually discovered that her mother – who she was just exchanging text messages with the day before – passed away that morning.

Belle cinematically bawled for a good 15 minutes and then we heard her talking with some relative on the phone.

“Tumigil ka nga sa kakaiyak iyak mo diyan,” she screamed. “Patay na, wala na tayong magagawa.”

I know it’s in bad taste and everything, but I just found it erm a little funny how she could say such a thing to someone just because she herself was already done shedding tears.

Then again, I admire how quickly she was able to move on and compose herself enough to proceed with her responsibilities as a daughter. One moment she was crying her eyeballs out, the next she was screaming at someone to stop crying, and then the next thing we knew she was already in Bicol, sadly celebrating mother’s day with her mom.