Last Sunday, I had to attend this baptism seminar together with my uncle and aunt who got me to be the godfather of their third child, JB. I hate boring stuff like that but I dragged myself to go since I love my relatives. As if the coma-inducing lectures of the speakers weren’t enough, they also decided not to turn the air-conditioning on (as instructed by their bosses, according to them), which was a very bad idea since the room was small, it’s still summertime – and there were no windows. After 2 hellish hours of trying to make myself invisible so I wouldn’t be asked about Catholic stuff and what I thought my responsibilities as a ninong are, we were finally set free. And allowed ventilation.

We then went to see my brother Paul and his other half Dee-jay who just became proud parents to Luis Iñigo last May 10, officially making me an uncle for the very first time.

Apart from being small and cute – the way all babies are – Iñigo is also blessed with lots of hair, already has a “face” and is fair-skinned, much to the delight of tisoy-favoring relatives. What can I say, he’s cutesie-patootsie and I can’t wait to pamper him.

I am so excited for my brother as he just entered another chapter in his life. I am also so proud of how he’s handling his new life now. I saw how he did a great job taking care of Dee-jay during her pregnancy and I’m very sure he’ll be doing an excellent job taking care of their son now.

I am actually jealous since I’ve been wanting to have a son for the longest time. Oh, there used to be Katsan, but he’s now Japanized and very far away from me. I’ve been bugging Honeybun but it looks like we we’ve already agreed to wait for at least 3 years before we go make Orb (or Maria Vulva).

And so I guess I have to settle for my nephew Iñigo and my cousin JB in the meantime, which is not really that bad, come to think of it.