If there is one picture to summarize my recent trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, it is the picture above. Yup, a pic of a wet floor sign. But it is not your regular wet floor sign. Just look at how ferosh that slipping man’s pose is. That pose – along with several others, of course – was something my companions and I tried to duplicate during the whole trip no matter where we were, from the airport to the MTR, from the hotel to Disneyland.

We did it as a group.

We did it in pairs.

We did it alone (erm or maybe that was just me).

We even did it with the mascots.

One of my goals in Hong Kong was to have a picture taken with Ursula but she was stuck under the sea so that made me sad. Good thing I met all sorts of cool people, from gorgeous guide Carol to my now most favorite person-on Earth Ryan. There was also this geeky-looking guy who looked like he loved spanking, and this other bespectacled guy who seemed into S&M.

Anyway, going back to more PG 13 stuff, when we weren’t clicking away, we were busy doing other stuff like stuffing our faces silly. I had muffins and bottles of oolong tea, cheesecake, mushrooms and dimsums and a little duck meat. I especially enjoyed the hash browns, scrambled eggs and buckets of ketchup from the breakfast buffet. Yeah, I’m easy to please, just throw a huge bottle of tomato ketchup my way and I’m fine.

One of the trip’s highlights has got to be my first (and last, trust me) Space Mountain ride. Imagine, Disneyland virgin and theme park ride-phobic me got convinced to actually ride it because I didn’t want to be KJ and because I wasn’t the only one whose balls were shrinking at the mention of the words roller and coaster. Thing is, the moment I hopped inside the ride, I realized that there were no other seats available for my companions, leaving me with these little Indian kids who kept on laughing at me the whole time. Those unibrowed bullies.

I swear it was the longest and most traumatic stomach-turning, vomit-inducing, headache-stimulating thing I’ve ever done this lifetime. I’m feeling a little dizzy now that I remember it. I hated it with so much dedication that the next time everyone else wanted to ride it, I opted to instead enjoy green tea ice cream, some caramel popcorn and blue cotton candy. So much better than any ride.

The best part of the whole trip however was seeing these dancers who according to Gino dressed like mama Ricky. Ang ganda!