Even back when I was a huge fan of coffee, I was also already a big fan of tea as well.

And now that I have become a coffee-hater, I love tea even more.

I like all sorts of tea – green, black, iced, even the free “tea water” in some restaurants – but I especially like the ones with milk, both hot and cold. I swear I can live on milk tea, especially if it’s from Krua Thai, Jatujak or Benjarong.

The thing with milk tea is that it’s pretty challenging to make (or maybe it’s just me). There should be a certain balance between the tea and the milky tastes that I just don’t get to achieve no matter how I try whenever I attempt to mix some at home.

Enter Lipton’s milk tea. Available in Gold, Vanilla and Original flavors, I wasn’t expecting to be blown over – it’s instant, after all – but I have to admit it’s pretty decent-tasting. Good, even. The Original flavor is probably my favorite – one sip and you can say that it is indeed milked black tea. I don’t know what the Gold one is all about since it tastes exactly like the Original one to me (I think it’s a little milkier than the Original flavor). The Vanilla kind does taste like vanilla but it’s a little too strong you won’t be able to taste the tea flavor anymore. In fact, you’d think you’re drinking vanilla-flavored coffee.

For someone who doesn’t like coffee like me, Lipton’s instant Milk Tea is definitely an okay office alternative drink. Now I can’t wait to dash to the grocery and hoard.