What happens when you go to work after sleeping for only 3 hours, head to attend an event where the speakers assault your eardrums, have a fast dinner that you don’t get to finish and then go to a party, complete with a lot of smoke and even more assaulting music? You get sick, of course.

Yesterday, I met up with long-time-no-see chums James and Joyce so we can catch up and attend the Animax “Fashion-Ability” 2 finale. Both of them lost weight and I’m so jealous! Time for some more Humamet, I guess.

I enjoyed the event the most because of all the music I heard. They played some remixes of Robyn’s “Handle Me” and M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes, plus there were also performances from Imago and Pupil. Too bad the speakers were extremely loud (or maybe I was positioned very near the speakers).

After a quickie dinner over at Madison Grill, we dashed off to Warehouse 135 for the Party Like a Rock Star event so James can be awarded for winning their online modeling search. So proud of Jamesy! This is just the start, we’re all pretty sure about that.

Despite all the cool people I bumped heads with (Jeyme, Alyanna, Joel, Raffy) and met (Frank, Jet, Nelson, Carson), however, the lack of sleep, rest and food took its toll. The smoke was everywhere, the music was blasting and the disco lights were just too much that I got so lightheaded I thought I was gonna faint in the middle of the dance floor. I just realized I’m so over parties and that the only good friends or work can make me attend them.

Dying, I said goodbye to James and Joyce and went ahead. I took a taxi and paid him double because I felt like he saved my life LOL. I stopped by Jollibee though to grab some Chicken Joy for Honeybun and then headed home sweet home. Half awake, I excitedly told her what happened to me the whole day while she gave me her world-famous elbow massage. That was heaven. I dozed off and went to some other heaven.

Photo with James and Joyce stolen from: Ted Barrera