“America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 10 recently just showed a recap episode now that there are just 7 contestants remaining.

I initially wanted Claire to win or even just be part of the top 3 but since she got booted out last time, that’s not going to happen now.

My favorite has to be Dominique, who everyone thinks looks a little too strong, even tranny-looking. I like how self-assured, strong and determined she appears. I also like her unique look, although she does remind me of Lisa and Coryn of Cycle 5.

Another favorite of mine is the Iman doppelganger named Fatima (stress on the second syllable), the Somalian stunner who is just amazing although she tends to have conflicts with a lot of the other contestants.

Actually, I think this cycle has the most number of conflicts. But while some of them like Dominique and Iman are just misunderstood for being vocal and for being themselves, the others are a different story. Claire went into bitch mode one time, enjoying her Mean Girls status, just because. Lauren, the maton/siga, snapped one time and scarily just went on a cussing spree. I thought she was going to throw knives at Fatima. And then there’s Whitney, the token plus-size contestant for this cycle, who I think is the biggest bitch of all. Something about her. Something is just so ugly about her. Like she tries to hide her mean side and that when it does appear, she means being mean. Whatevs, I just do not like her at all.

Oh well.

Can’t wait for the top 2. hope either or both my faves will make it there. And not the overrated Katarzyna who I find short and not very attractive. I don’t see anything special about her. Except that she reminds me of a dog.

To end this entry, a quote from the trannylicious Dominiuqe:

I wanna be like freakin’ Mother Theresa but in a diva kind of way, okay?

How more LOLers can she get?

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