Last night, I slept late because I needed to finish a couple of articles. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish them no matter how much I tried. The sleepiness, the desire to jump in bed with Honeybun and the other tabs were just too much of a distraction.

And so I left them alone, but with a promise to wake up extra early the next morning to complete them.

Awhile ago, I did get to wake up early but it wasn’t because of my mobile phone’s alarm clock. It was because our dog Ron slipped inside the room together with Honeybun when she went in after taking a bath. Ron, complete with muddied paws, knew his target: me. Completely eewed out by his saliva, paw prints and the fact that I was jolted from my sleep a little earlier than planned, I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.

And so I watched Honeybun dress up.

And then I realized that it was raining. Rain. On a summer day. That explains why I had such a great sleep, until Ron charged into the scene, that is.

When Honeybun was already all dressed up, I got the notebook to finally continue working on the articles. She kissed me goodbye and I started typing away like a lunatic.

Quite surprisingly, I was able to finish writing the articles pretty fast. Soon, I was doing more assignments, breakfasting on a salad (and a cube of brownies since it’s been forever since I last had something sweet), blog-hopping and listening to good old Alana Davis who sounds really good together with the sound of raindrops.

Today is turning out to be a really awesome day and I’m going to go blog-hop some more while listening to some Angie Stone this time. Oh, and I think I’m going to have some leftover sinigang na baboy from last night too.