Westgate is fast becoming our favorite place and yesternight, Honeybun and I went there with papa, Anika, Pips and Dee-jay.

We all wanted to try something new and so we picked Poquito Mas. Very wrong choice, we belatedly discovered, because of horrible service and even more horrible food. First of all, the waiters were all so busy that we had a challenging time getting anyone’s attention so our orders could be taken. Second, our order was not instantly repeated. The waiter only did that when one of our companions snapped and the waiter realized his mistake. Third, our food took forever to arrive. 45 minutes is very long, to think that we were the only people there during that time. Fourth, the waiters lied to us – they said the food was already coming out of the kitchen, but it took them 5 more minutes before they actually served it to us. Fifth,the food sucked. The grilled chicken and the kebabs were ordinary-tasting. The kaldereta tasted like something else, like afritada and menudo combined. And then their paella madrileƱa didn’t taste like paella at all. None of us liked what we ordered and we’re very sure we’re never going back there again.

And so we hopped over to Bali Blends where we were further disappointed with the stuff that we ordered, such as the a-little-too-tart banana shake.

Good thing we got some cheesecakes from UCC. They truly saved the night.

Hmmm, where to go next week…