One day a couple of weeks ago, when the whole office was craving for McDo, I got myself a couple of pancakes, the one that comes with their sausage patty, and I loved it – thanks to the extra maple syrup, the hash browns and the ketchup I threw into the styro plate.

One day last week, majority of the office wanted Jollibee. Everyone knew what they would get: the pancake sandwich. I on the other hand didn’t know what to get but since I was pressured for time (and everyone was telling me that it’s really the best thing on Earth), I joined the bandwagon.

The moment I opened the wrapper, releasing both steam and that salty butter scent, I knew I was in for a treat.

First bite and I was sold. I love how thick the pancakes are, thick enough that you can still taste it even if the sausage patty is flavorful and deliciously salty. The scrambled eggs glop is thick while the cheese is quick-melt. Best of all, it is filling and affordable.

I love it so much that there was even one day when I bought 4: 1 for Honeybun so she could taste it and 3 for me (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Expectedly I vowed never to look at it again after that. But then I ate my words (and yet another pancake sandwich, of course) after 2 days.

I’m sure Jollibee is dancing some Beyonce dance step right now as he reads this. And my friend Mike also who is BFFs with Jollibee. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge Montenegro!)