Honeybun and I watched “The Grudge 2” the other night and we started it with lots of laughter (bad for a horror flick, I know). Why? Because our favorite “L Word” lesbian Jennifer Beals, who only has one facial expression (runner-up to Sandrah Oh) was there. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw pervy Edison Chen as part of the cast too.

In one scene, a female student is taking a shower and she suddenly discovers falling hair from her head and even more going down the drain. The abundance of hair made us expect to see Edison jump out of nowhere (with a digital camera, of course), considering how much he likes hair.

The movie in a nutshell is stupid and is such an insult to the Asian versions. I am such a pussy when it comes to horror flicks but I felt oh so macho when I watched “The Grudge 2.”

And oh, poor Buffy girl, settling for a cameo.

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