When I was in Grade school, I wrote my mom a letter for mother's day. To make it even more special, I decided to write her a poem. But somewhere along the way, I ended up dedicating the Donna Cruz song "Rain" to her, but with a completely different set of lyrics that I wrote.

That was when I got bitten by the songwriting bug.

Even if I didn't play any musical instruments or had no knowledge of notes, terms or anything technical about music, I continued songwriting.

I remember how during my early teen years I'd lock myself in my granduncle's room and record my compositions straight to the cassette player, which had a recorder. And oh, how I adored that cassette player. Because of it I was able to record a hundred or so songs, each one special and representative of a particular person or important moment in my life.

When I got older, I moved on to recording my songs using one of those handy cassette recorders. Now I use the recording capability of my mobile phone.

I think I have about a little over 200 songs now, some of them still in various cassette tapes while some already in one of my computer's folders.

Not a lot of people have heard my songs. Just a select few. Just those who I think wouldn't laugh at me, I guess.

There's my grade school classmate Rochelle, who I sang to on the phone when we were in Grade 6.

There's my brother Paul, who offered to play the guitar for me so I wouldn't have to enter a couple of my compositions a capella to some songwriting contests, where I both lost, by the way.

And then there's Honeybun, of course, who listened to each and every one of my song, even during the times when she'd rather listen to B*Witched LOL.

I finally got fulfilled as a songwriter a couple of years ago when I once again crossed paths with Teri Sambajon of FOJ/Vanna Vanna fame, who was then starting her new band U Turn together with songwriter/male vocalist Richard Poon and another guy. They were looking for materials for their debut album so I sent them a demo. A poor man's demo, actually, meaning me singing a capella – and recorded on a cassette tape! How 80s LOL.

Didn't hear from them for several months after that and the next thing I knew, they were asking for my whole name so I can be properly credited in the album.

As it turned out, Richard got a chorus from one of my songs and made some stanzas for it. My song "With You" became "Be With You" and I can't be more satisfied with how it turned out.

I remember buying the album, seeing my name on the credits and listening to the song for the first time. It was amazing – like seeing my first article for Inquirer.

They also made a video for it – which I first saw when I was in my hotel room in Cebu. I swear I screamed and jumped on the bed like a giddy grade schooler with some face mask on.

I'd been looking and looking for the video forever and finally I was able to see it in Teri's Multiply site. I'm one happy "songwriter." LOL Feeling!

Check the "Be With You" music video in teri's Multiply site: