I spent the week before Lent trying to avoid sugar as some sort of fasting. Emphasis on trying.

Of course, I failed miserably, but still there was some sort of fasting involved. Like I ate fun size choco bars instead of the huge ones. Or how I shared more than usual.

And so during Lent I ended up on a choco binge, thanks to the goodies from Hoenybun’s ate who just came home from Singapore.

The abundance of choco goodness prompted me to share and so I ended up giving away some to relatives and officemates. There were those that I selfishly kept all for myself, of course.

Since I am a huge fan of the chocolate and mint combination, I locked myself inside the room so no one can bother me while I enjoyed my Nestle After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints and Marks & Spencer Mint Truffles, which I swear are the best in this world. Can’t wait to go to a branch and hoard.

I’ve never tasted the chocolate brand merci and now that I have, I think I’ll be getting some more from the grocery. Their merci Petits, for example, are so smooth and rich and creamy it’s like you’re drinking liquefied chocolate when you’re having them. The dark cream and the praline cream variants are delightful and I am so excited to try the other flavors: almond cream, coffee & cream and fine marzipan.

And what’s better than regular Maltesers? Dark chocolate ones! Not that sweet, but still as yummy – or maybe even better.

OMG too much sweets this weekend, gotta OD on Humamet!