I enjoyed the latest elimination episode of “American Idol” and while I think most of them never really had the chance to become the actual winner, I wish they stayed a little longer.

First off, there is Kady Malloy whose look I really love even if she has a semi-weird nose. I love how strong her features are and I think she’s got a great voice too. It’s just so sad how she wasn’t able to sing the most appropriate songs for her. It would’ve been awesome to see the Britney impersonator perform those.

And then there is hottie Luke Menard. He looks like a great, nice guy that you just want to corrupt because you know he’ll enjoy the corruption. His voice is amazing, even if it’s more theatrical than mainstream pop. And don’t you think his body kind of got huge during the elimination episode?

Of course, there is the incomparable Danny Noriega. Oh, what to say about Danny! I don’t even know where to start. I think Danny deserves a long, separate post so for now I’ll just say how Honeybun and I loved his “Tainted Love” performance, especially the entertaining Pussycat Dolls-inspired dance steps. Danny, Danny, Danny. Now the show is kinda boring without you. Oh, wait, there’s still Chikezie and Amanda Overmyer who looks like a character from “The Lion King.” I promise I’ll write about you again, Danny boy.

And then there is Asia’h Epperson, who I seriously thought had a huge chance at winning this year. She’s got all the goods and is such a complete package that until now I wonder why she got booted out. She’s so much better than Syesha Mercado (whose hobby is screaming), Carly Smithson (who should just give up and cover Evanesence forever) and Chikezie (who’s just panggulo).

So who’s gonna win now? Everyone’s favorite, David Archuleta, who else? He’s so lovable it’s so annoying now. There are even talks that record companies have been asking their songwriters to already make songs for him and stripper David Hernandez, win or lose.

Oh, and I just have to let this out. I am starting to find David Cook a little attractive. In a you-all-everybody-hobbit kind of way.

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