Honeybun and I had a pretty late dinner with Anika (who was looking like a Pussycat Doll) and my dad yesternight and since not a lot of shops were open, we ended up at Westgate. We were all craving for something barbecued so Hula Hula seemed to be the best option. Overwhelmed by the confusing food choices even if they were grouped into appetizers, soup, etc., we just settled for a group meal called Bora Bora which is composed of bagoong rice and a bunch of various meats.

Our food arrived in a humongous wooden tray as large as our table and before long we all realized it was actually also one big plate where we’d also eat on. Food was so-so – the best thing was the roasted pineapple slices. Oh, and the entertaining production numbers from the staff too. It was great to watch the staff forced to dance hula and the manager belt out a couple of songs worthy of a “Pinoy Idol” audition.

After dinner, I took everyone to Bali Blends. We originally stayed outside but since mosquitoes were everywhere, we transferred inside. When our chai tea latte, espresso ice cream, banana split and strawberry banana shakes arrived, we realized that several mosquitoes were dine-in guests as well, despite the presence of an insect repellant gadget plugged into a nearby socket. And so we spent half an hour sipping our drinks and reading yummy US tabloids while shooing the pests.

When I got home, something in my tummy suddenly did somersaults and I felt my body weight me down that I just had to dive into the bed for some rest. I realized that the overdose of meat – especially since I haven’t been having much of that lately – made my body react negatively. So I guess it’s back to coleslaw, kimchi and vegemeat for me again.