I just realized something: I don’t really like Cibo’s food, or at least most of those that I have tasted so far. Actually, this should not come as a surprise to me since I am not a big fan of Italian food. I like pasta, but I love Honeybun’s spicy tuna pasta, my lola’s meal-in-one and the Pinoy spaghetti the most. I also like pizza but my favorite has to be Greenwich and those faux pizzas from my grade school years, just because they’re cheap, tasty and usually free. I love Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza too. But just the stuffed crust.

Yesterday, I brought papa and Honeybun to Cibo because I was craving for their spinach dip (something that I actually love from there). They loved it too, but not much else, really. Honeybun and I loved her milky peach shake, but the food’s a different story.

We ordered different plates of pasta dishes and they all were pretty bland and unexciting. Honeybun had a boring Bolognese. My dad went for something with zucchinis and asparagus. I had something with tuna and olives, which was probably the best among the three.

I am still going back to Cibo though to try out the remaining two-thirds that I haven’t tried and see if there’s something else as or even more delicious than their spinach dip.