The moment I saw the teaser of the Koreanovela “Coffee Prince” on GMA7, I immediately got intrigued and wanted to catch it. But while I was not able to watch the first episode, I did get to see the second one – and liked what I saw. In fact, I like it so much that I bought a DVD copy of the whole series.

“Coffee Prince” is all about the androgynous Go Eun Chan who ditches the girly look and accepts multiple jobs (milk delivery, tae kwon do teacher, etc.) to help support her mom and sister.

She encounters the airhead/lazyboy/spoiled brat Choi Han Kyul, who thinks she’s a he that he could use to shoo the girls forced to him by his grandma in an attempt to marry him off.

And so he offers “him” a job as his fake gay boyfriend, which she accepts because she badly needs money.

I am already on my third episode and I am very fulfilled. The gay angle is so hilarious and I can’t wait to watch the other more exciting episodes. I read online that Han Kyul will, of course, fall in love with Eun Chan, and go crazy over the fact that he thinks he’s turning gay.

Talking about Han Kyul, isn’t he both a man’s and a lady’s man? I love how arrogant, confident and comfortable he (or at least his character) seems to be. In fact, I think he is starting to be the main reason why I watch the show. Honeybun, of course, is crushing on Eun Chan.

But enough about Eun Chan. Han Kyul – or Gong Yoo in real life – is the star of this post.

Isn’t he adorable? I wanna buy him.

Photos from: http://gongyoo.sidushq.com/