Someone lent me his DVD copy of “Gossip Girl” and since I had some free time yesternight, Honeybun and I watched 10 episodes.

In the first episode of the series on cool prep school teens, poser/user Nate confesses to his perfect girlfriend Blair that he had sex with her best friend, Serena, who just came back to town after supposedly going to boarding school without saying bye to anyone, including BFF Blaire.

Then and there I felt ancient for having felt so uncomfortable about the fact that these erm kids were sexually active at such a young age. This also instantly got me hooked. It’s like a very young version of “Melrose Place,” I think. Oh, and talking about “Melrose Place,” someone looks familiar!

I love how beautiful, bitchy and perfect-looking Blair is, and how Serena looks thrice her age. They actually remind me of Veronica and Betty. Jenny makes me believe she’s a social climber in real life. And the poor Asian and African-American chuwariwariwaps are so pitifully hilarious. Vanessa is semi-beautiful; she looks like Rihanna, back when she had Vanessa’s hair.

When it comes to the guys, ugly player Chuck is convincingly annoying, Nate is oh-so boring and Dan is just extremely lovable. I want to buy him.

I’ll be going to work later at midnight and I’m sure I’ll be done with the rest of the DVD by then.

Meanwhile, I’m going to pop in the disc now while Honeybun and I wait for our appetizing cheeseburger with fries, jumbo chili hotdog sandwich and corn muffins from Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Photos from: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/gossip-girl