I just woke up from a nap and it’s 7:30PM. Ideally, I should meet Morpheus every 10PM so that by the time I wake up at 4AM, I get 6 hours of sleep. Now I’m not sure I’ll be sleepy enough to really doze off a couple of hours from now.

I still don’t have a regular sleeping habit now that my new work has entered the picture. I started from trying to sleep early but still ending up sleeping late since I’m just not used to it, to sleeping really late but really dozing off once I hit the sheets. Either way, I get to sleep late yet wake up early, resulting to just a few hours of sleep. No wonder I opt to take a nap instead of eat during my lunch break at work. No wonder I instantly make love to my bed the moment I get home.

Come to think of it, my sleeping pattern now involves lots of little sleep scattered all through out the day! At least I do get some sleep and I think I should be thankful for that.