I am a huge fan of the Sugababes. The moment they released their first single, “Overload,” I hoped they had more great songs because I knew I’d get addicted. Thankfully, they did have more great pop songs up their sleeves, such as “New Year,” which is included in my all-time top three fave Sugababes songs, and “Run for Cover.”

I remember buying a copy of their album when they first came out and I instantly fell in audio love with all their songs. I enjoyed their harmonies and pop-soul-R&B sound, and appreciated their different looks and voices. I loved how Keisha was dark and smooth, how Siobhan was subtle, relaxed and pale, and how Mutya was exotic, groovy – and Pinay!

When Heidi replaced original member Siobhan, I was very disappointed. Up to this day, I believe Siobhan blended better with the two than Heidi. Despite this, Heidi’s unique voice and sound got smoothly incorporated into the Sugababes sound, updating it a bit. The new Sugababes continued to make more extremely catchy pop songs like “Hole in the Head,” “Round Round” and even a great cover of the Adina Howard song “Freak Like Me.”

And then Mutya decided to leave.

Mutya will always be my favorite Sugababe but even if she wasn’t, I sincerely believed that it was the end of the group when Mutya left. I always considered her to have the strongest style, presence, voice and sound. For me, Keisha was just the bland singer who sounded like a lot of other singers while Heidi was just the replacement who could sing only the bridge.

I have to admit that Amelle seems to be the best replacement for Mutya because apart from the not-so-obvious, can’t-put-my-finger-on-it resemblance between the two, Amelle has her own unique beauty, voice and sound. I just love listening to her parts and staring at her.

The Sugababes have come a long way and while their diversity made them click during their first few years, the new lineup’s differences seem to be working against them. I don’t know. There’s just something so off, insincere and forced about the group now – like they’re rejects in “Making the Band” or something.

Still, there’s no denying that their songs continue to wow ears. I admit my ears love the Kelly Clarkson-ish “About You Now” and “Denial,” the stanzas of which sound like some parts of Destiny’s Child’s “Nasty Girl.”

Can’t get enough of their sweet sound. “Red Dress” forever!!!

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