As if meeting Russian boys the past few days isn’t enough, I met a couple of extremely friendly and good-looking brothers yesterday: Mark (19) and Sean (17 turning 18 in a week, and it’s pronounced as Shawn btw).

They are Filipino-Australian brothers who are trying their luck in the Philippine scene and basing on their stunning looks (Mark looks like a matinee idol while Sean oozes model appeal), charm and willingness to learn anything and everything, it looks as if they’ll be successful here as models and endorsers in the country.

While I am not a huge fan of how Filipinos love anyone and everyone foreign, I am pretty sure Filipinos will love these mates – and I have no objection. I have a certain feeling too that these boys will make it big here and will be all over as early as this 2008.

Can’t wait to work with them. Can’t wait for them to make it big.