Last year, I went on a diet and successfully lost the pounds, meaning I didn’t look pregnant anymore.

I decided to stop going on a diet during Christmas time because I didn’t want to miss out on all the pigging out during reunions, parties and the Noche Buena. And so I regained the pounds, meaning I now look pregnant again.

This year, I am going back to dieting and I’m glad that before I officially start with it, I was able to pig out for the last time during my latest Boracay trip several days ago.

Over at Boracay Regency where we stayed and dined most of the time, I got to gorge on incredibly satisfying shrimps with mushrooms, all sorts of vegetables, mango crepes and fried cheese.

And while there were some yawn-inducing grub (some boring soups, fish steak, a bland brazo de Mercedes and an eew-y bacon-wrapped liver), I fortunately enjoyed fat and juicy prawns swimming in soy sauce and vinegar, plus the best-tasting green tea ice cream ever.

Becca and I also vowed to have some longga/chori burger during the trip, and introduce it to Shaira, but failed. Oh well, this summer perhaps.

In closing, let me share how I got introduced to the famous longga burger.

One summer time in Boracay, I met this semi-popular male model who seemed to be high on Ecstasy that night and he kept raving about how delicious the longga burger is.

SPMM: Dude, have you tasted na the longga burger?

Me: Not yet.

SPMM: Syet, you need to taste it. Wait lang.

(He disappears and then returns – with a longga burger.)

SPMM: Dude, taste my longga, masarap ‘to. Super sarap, I swear.

Me: Erm, no feynks!

SPMM: Sige na, subo mo ‘tong longga ko, bilis. Subo mo, masarap ‘tong longga ko.

Me: Erm, okay.

(And so I take a bite of his reportedly yummy longga.)

SPMM: Lakihan mo pa. Subo mo pa. Bilis. Sige na.

(I obey.)

SPMM: Mmm. Sarap, noh? Sabi ko sa’yo masarap longga ko eh. Gusto mo pa?