Doesn’t Ms. Promil Kid look like Helena Bonham-Carter? I think she looks more like Corpse Bride although I didn’t tell that to her face. Shaira, if you’re reading this, I mean it as a compliment. A huge compliment. I’d love to look like Corpse Bride eh.

During the party, there was this Pacquaio look-alike clad in basketball shorts and a shirt which he removed and used as a scarf. He danced all alone for the first 2 hours of the party and during the third, he was having so much fun with these two lovely grandmas from Russia. On the fourth hour, he was already puking because of too much alcohol. Naturally, the lovely grandmas left him na.

There was also this Tim Yap look-alike according to one of my companions. I checked him out and I think it Was Tim Yap.

Wait, what about Becca (pictured beside Shaira)? Some people have told her she looks like Jodie Sta. Maria. Becca, my dear, is so much prettier than Jodie.