I recently spent a lot of time with some great people: super-fun Jenny, Jen and her date, Rio.

We had a sinful lunch at Sid’s where I had no choice but postpone my diet. I felt so guilty after gorging on tasty salmon, crispy pata, thin-crust pizza and this Pinoy beef sirloin with sweet sauce.

For merienda, we shared this humongous slice of chocolate cake from Las Paellas. All four of us dug in but we still didn’t get to finish the single slice.

While undergoing the process of digestion, we watched “Sweeney Todd” and I expectedly loved it. Sure, most scenes were predictable but I found it so easy to forgive them. I adore the songs and my favorite has to be the duet of Helena and her adopted son there, which made me cry. LOL. I swear, I super love love Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter – and I wanna marry both of them.

Anyway, we had dinner over at this Indian restaurant called Tandoor and I enjoyed the grub much to my surprise. I blame JM for my non-excitement over Indian food. He brought me to this Indian resto years ago and ordered ten dishes that all tasted like one another! Now my taste buds are in love.

To cap off the night, we had drinks and some chitchat at Bali Blends CafĂ©. Their Chai tea latte was almost perfect. Too bad it was so sweet my throat complained. Our conversations were starting to get really interesting – Jen urged me to share how I let my 14 year old maid, Joova, watch porn, which got her knocked up when she got back to the province – when we were reminded of the time. Jenny and I were Cinderellas for the night and it was so hard to get the lovers to leave. We eventually did leave though.

At home, I had my usual 30-minute fight with Honeybun before going to la la land.

How I miss Joova.