I went out with a friend a couple of weeks ago and she saw my new digital camera.

“Do you remember the days when you told me you wanted to buy a digicam?” she asked. “Now you have one.”

She then enumerated some other stuff I now have in my life, stuff I used to only dream about back then. Material things, career goals, relationships.

I realized then how successful I have become. Thing with me is that I am so hard on myself that I punish myself for even the littlest mistakes, and I never really pat myself on the back for even the greatest of accomplishments.

Awhile ago, I got a job offer. The price is right. Everyone I met seems to like me. And they want me for my skills, not for anything else.

They offered me a good-enough basic salary and the usual benefits. Come to think of it, there’s nothing else I need. I am so tired of all the drama, the chaos, the lies and the advantage-taking I’ve been witnessing and sometimes personally experiencing for the last few years.

On my way home, I felt really good about myself. I felt alive and needed and appreciated and peaceful.

Things are going to change very soon.