Cousin Niqui – who recently just became an older sister – celebrated her 4th birthday awhile ago and it was a blast.

On our way to my room to get her gift, Niqui asked me, “What’s your gift for me, a monster?”

See why I love her to bits? Unfortunately, I didn’t have a giftwrapped monster waiting for her inside my room.

I gave her this Play Doh barber set and it actually took me forever before I ended up with that as our gift. I scoured for Barbie, Bratz and Disney Princess dolls but nothing caught my eye. Not one of them seemed perfect for Niqui. It was so frustrating because I couldn’t find anything scary, monstrous or “evil” for her and I was already running out of time. And so I ended up with the Play Doh barber set.

One of these days I’m getting her a Jack Skellington stuffed toy. And I’ll let her watch “Sweeney Todd” as well.