Honeybun and I have been watching loads of movies recently, thanks to the copies she’s been borrowing from the friendly neighborhood VCD/DVD rental store. Last night, I got a huge paper bag-full of even more DVD copies of movies we haven’t seen yet. Can’t wait to take the time to watch them but in the meantime, below is a list of those that we’ve seen so far and how I feel about them.

“Little Miss Sunshine”
After an hour of nothing happening – despite actual events taking place – I seriously wondered what the movie’s point was. Fortunately, the performance of Little Miss Sunshine hopeful Olive in the talent portion totally rocked and made up for the uneventful-ness of the movie.

“Notes on a Scandal”
My second most favorite movie – ever – after “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” Cate Blanchett as usual delivers a superb performance, but Judi Dench is just so convincing and impressive as the snappish and prudish old maid who is revealed to be gay in the end. Cate’s seemingly abnormal son in the movie is extremely adorable even if he doesn’t appear onscreen that much. However, I just don’t get how Cate could fall for the blah student.

Usual, predictable plot and immensely horrible performances from everyone. Total waste of 2 hours. Wendell and Kris as a couple? Hello?

“Breaking Up”
Russell Crowe I realized because of this movie is some sort of a hottie. Erm was. The movie on the other hand was trying a little hard to be experimental and visually unique but ended up just chaotic and all over the place.

I finally saw this gore-fest and I expectedly love it to bits. It’s such a guy movie with all the nudity, the gruesome killing scenes and the fact that Jay Hernandez no longer looks cute.

“Someone Like You”
How can you not like a movie with both Greg Kinnear and (a topless) Hugh Jackman? Never mind Ashley Judd, who probably was just 22nd choice when Meg Ryan etc. couldn’t do it. Totally shitty story, but oh well, you’ve got to forgive it since it has at least some eyecandies.

“The Passion of Christ”
Can you believe I got to watch this movie just recently? Found out I didn’t miss out on anything though. It’s just like an updated version of those shown during Lenten season when I was 5. Despite this, I was pretty much stuck glued to the screen. Weird thing is, I don’t know why.