I just got back from Boracay where I covered a Russian kite boarding and wind surfing camp and competition.

And oh, I enjoyed the trip.

Boracay is always a great place to go to, peak season or not, and the abundance of good-looking people was such a visual treat. I even saw look-alikes of Prince Andrea Casiraghi, Adam Sandler, Anna Kournikova, Brendan Fraser and that guy best friend of Lizzie Maguire. Manny Pacquaio and Helena Bonham-Carter too, but more on that later.

This particular Bora trip is special because of so many reasons.

First, there is the grub, of course. Apart from the wonderful meals we were served over at Boracay Regency (where we were also billeted) and at Fairways and Bluewater, we also enjoyed a Russian dinner and some seriously intoxicating cocktails at Tides. And while I wasn’t able to taste Zuzuni’s Chocolate Sin during this trip, my companions and I were able to taste this tasty green tea ice cream from Fruits in Ice Cream. We also wanted to grab some longga/chori burgers, but didn’t have the time anymore.

Second, I got to see more of the island. I got to see Tides for the very first time and I adore the place. It’s clean and minimalist and sleek and chic all at the same time. There are also these scribbles all over the place, such as “Your eyes are getting heavy… very heavy,” located on the ceiling. It was also my first time at Boracay Regency and I was pretty much satisfied with the interiors. (The service on the other hand is something else!)

Third, I got to witness a brawl. Everyone was dancing during the Russians’ party and all of a sudden, there were two Pinoy men rolling on the sand. A Russian even had to pry them from each other while their respective girlfriends were cussing and dirty fingering each other. I’ll never forget how when the brawl started, the music died, everyone stared at them for approximately 5 seconds, the music came back and everyone went dancing again. The most interesting part is that in no less than 5 minutes, the two guys were suddenly hugging each other already. Even the girlfriends joined the hugging! Hilarious!!!

Fourth, I immensely enjoyed the company of the people I was with. The Department of Tourism people rock: sexy Cynthia, sisterly Evelyn, Kat (who reminds me of one of my best friends), and pareng Marvin. I also enjoyed chatting with Vic from Manila Bulletin, Shaira Luna (yes, Ms. Promil Kid) from Manila Standard, and Becca from Star. I especially love the conversations I had with Shaira and Becca about love, life, the future and the industry.

Can’t wait for my next Bora trip.