XMAS 2007

This Christmas has got to be the most memorable one for me so far because of so many reasons.

For starters, I never really felt that Christmas feel this year. Work stole my focus. The annual cool breeze didn’t stay that long, which means I didn’t have to whip out my sweaters and knee-high socks. And then our house I just noticed is the only one in our street decorated with Christmas lights.

I also mismanaged my finances recently. There were some emergency trips and expenses that made me touch the money I saved for buying Christmas gifts.

For the first time ever too, we didn’t celebrate Noche Buena. Some of my relatives and I just had a late dinner at Friday’s awhile ago and that was it. It was still meaningful though because I was with loved ones.

Topping all those is the fact that my aunt and her family are flying to New Zealand - for good - the day after Christmas.

Since we’re all very close in the family and we know that we’ll definitely miss each other, we’ve been spending a lot of quality time with one another recently, from dining out to having coffee coupled with chitchat, or even just hanging out at their place.

I will certainly miss my tita Anne, one of the kindest souls I know. She’s the best example of a Christian I know. She’s a very obedient daughter, a hardworking mother, a supportive aunt (who sent me to school) and a fun friend. The past few days have been very busy and crazy for everyone, and the fact that they’re leaving hasn’t really sunk in yet. I guess we’ll all just go sentimental and teary-eyed when they’re already on their way to the airport.

Of course, I’ll also miss my cousins: Tweet, who’s diligent and always positive; Mika, who’s crazy, period; Trina, who adores my Honeybun; and Ikoy, who will one day be a star.

I feel like crying now, but I’ll just go to bed and sleep since it’s late already. I still have to spend Christmas day with the rest of the clan tomorrow. Maybe we’ll do drama-mode tomorrow then.