In Macau, I didn’t just pig out on all the irresistible grub they have, I wolfed down all sorts of liquid as well.

Since I am a huge fan of tea, I tried all the tea I could find – from the jasmine and red teas served at restaurants to those I had to buy whenever I got tired from all the walking, such as a milk green tea from Seven Tea and a milk black tea from Tea Plus, both of which I enjoyed.

Whenever we dined out, I made sure I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice. I don’t know why but during the trip, I just had this fancy for some vitamin C overdose.

As always, I tried some new stuff. I hate soda but when I came across this Schweppes Cream Soda, I decided to give it a try and my throat loved it at first sip.

In a semi-cheapo restaurant, my companion and I ordered Coke with ginger simply because it sounded intriguing. I thought it was a new version of the cola available only in Macau. As it turned out, it’s microwaved Coke with slices of ginger. Not exactly what I expected, but I loved it so much I am heading to the kitchen and the microwave after this post.

And after around 10 years or so, I once again sipped some beer again. I passionately loathe the drink but I am always up for trying anything at least once. And so I got myself a bottle of Tsingtao Beer when a companion and I decided to check out Macau’s bar scene, and then a bottle of the local beer called Macau Beer (duh) during our last night.

What can I say, I still hate beer and I think I never ever want to drink it again.