There is an SM located in our neighborhood, I am not joking. So while some people go to the sari-sari store for a sachet of shampoo, I go to an SM to get my shampoo, whether in a sachet or a bottle.

When I used to have a full-time job, I would go home to SM before going to my actual house. Honeybun and I would always have dinner at the mall, as in every night of the week. I think it's pretty accurate to say that we've eaten at every restaurant in that mall - even those at the foodcourt.

A couple of days ago, a Korean food place called Bulbop (sounds like vulva lol) opened at the foodcourt and we instantly tried their grub: dolsot bibimbaps in beef, pork and tuna, plus the kimchi, of course. They also have these great tofu balls that would taste a little better if they had sauce to go with it, and this blah macaroni salad.

I have tasted the beef, pork and tuna rice bowls and although they all pretty much taste alike, my taste buds are in love with all of them. The only complaint I have is that it takes forever for it to cool, which is obviously not a good thing when it's already spicy and when you know that it's great food and you're already dying of hunger.

Who knew the foodcourt rocked?