Saleisha - and I am ecstatic she won. I just love her bubbly personality. While most find it as something annoying and commercial, I on the other hand find it refreshingly positive as opposed to all the serious, nonchalant and freaky vibes that abound out there. I also admire Saleisha's drive and ability to take in criticism to her advantage.

I remember her long and curly hair when she joined the competition and I've realized that her makeover was truly beneficial to her. It's a good thing she was able to own it as well. Dora hair, after all, is pretty challenging to own after the first three years of your life in this world.

I love runner-up Chantal too, but she does give me that robotic dumb blonde vibe. Something about her seems amateurish, as Jenah pointed out.

Oh well. Can't wait for the next cycle.