Went to Morong, Bataan a couple of days ago for a story for the paper and I can’t believe how it took us forever to get there. Good thing that I was with a bunch of people that made me laugh every 5 seconds: fellow Janeph fan Jaser, the always-wonderful Jen, Thesa (complete with a bitemark on her knee), Rhandee and his entertaining sex stories, photog Teddy Beer, DOT OJT-er Anely and the incomparable Boyet.

We were covering the Pawikan Festival and there was this very entertaining streetdance competition among high school students that we witnessed. More than the homemade costumes and the funky dance moves, what made my jaw drop was how the place teemed with so many faguettes. They were all so flamboyant and glowing and cheerful and I even have pictures to prove it. They were all so beautiful I channeled Tyra and said fierce every time I snapped a shot.

One afternoon, we also trekked up a mountain to visit an Aeta community. It wasn’t part of the itinerary. I was wearing my blue pair of Crocs and I kept on praying to God not to let me slip, and for my Crocs not to suffer any major form of abuse, of course.

When we reached the community, the Aeta men, women and children performed dances for us, which I digged so much. I enjoyed it immensely I wanted to dance with them.

The kids were all so beautiful I just had to go click-crazy. In fact, I used up all the power of my digital camera’s battery so I ended up using my phone to take pictures and video clips.

One of my favorites has to be this little girl named Jolina, who is just so beautiful. She kinda looks like a young Wilma Doesnt. It was her birthday that day so I handed her a crisp P100 bill. When we were already trekking back to our van, we saw Jolina running towards our direction. It turned out that she was heading to the sari-sari store to have her P100 bill broken so she can give some to the other kids. Aww.

And then there’s this regular Pinoy kid who kept on bugging me to take his picture, complete with props and location transfers. I didn’t want to burst his bubble but a voice in my head kept saying, You’re not exotic, go away! You’re wasting my phone’s memory space!

On our last day, we went to the seashore and released pre-teenage non-mutant, non-ninja turtles. The little turtles were so cute I made sure I had some photo opps before I released them to their natural habitat. I sincerely hope and pray to the turtle gods for them to make it out there, especially Donatello, the one I selected from the little blue bin.