Honeybun and I have been watching Sex and the City these past few days and we won’t be stopping until we get to finally see how it ends. We are avid fans of the show and we never missed an episode back when it was being aired on HBO. But one day, our lives suddenly became more exciting and hectic, making us miss the successful show’s last season.

Just like almost all of the writers in the Philippines, Carrie Bradshaw was my favorite in the series. While I didn’t have her Mac and Imeldific shoe collection, I was still able to relate to the events and the people around her, and to how she tried to incorporate bits and pieces of her friends’ lives into her articles.

I eventually ended up hating the character with so much passion because of her stupid love life decisions. I thought committing mistakes and emotionally hurting herself were Carrie’s favorite hobbies.

After my Carrie phase, I turned to Miranda. Back then, I adored Miranda because of her intelligence, maturity and wit. Of course, I also loved her flaming red hair, which always went perfectly with whatever she was wearing. And then there’s the Miranda-Steve love team fans club, which I am president of.

I wasn’t that interested in Samantha and Charlotte, on the other hand. Samantha’s vulgarity and sexcapades were entertaining but she was just like nothing but a fun companion for me. Charlotte was just blah.

Now that I am watching the series all over again, I realized that some things never change. For instance, I still passionately hate Carrie. I find myself hurling “stupid” and cusswords at her at least thrice in every episode.

I am also still head over feet in love with Miranda. I think she is my idol and I want to be like her when I grow up.

Samantha is still just pure fun with all her nudity and orgasm faces.

One surprising realization: I’m finding a bit of myself in Charlotte now. More than that Charlotte brand of being traditional, conservative and prim and proper which I’ve always had, I guess it’s also that desperation for a picture perfect family that makes me see myself in her. The way she feels as if her biological clock is ticking, that Prince Charming dream, the desire for a baby – I can relate to all those and more. I guess I’m really getting old.

We just finished watching the episode where Charlotte, who’s having a hard time conceiving, discovers that Miranda is keeping her unplanned baby. You can see how surprised and disappointed and jealous and angry Charlotte is in that particular three seconds, and how she then becomes happy for Miranda, as if she was the pregnant one. That scene is so beautiful and is probably my favorite Charlotte scene.

Isn't it interesting how at some point in our lives, we're a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte or a Samantha? I've been a Carrie (thank gawd that's over) and now I think I'm a mixture of Miranda and Charlotte. Please don't tell me I'm turning into a Samantha one of these months.

Honeybun and I will be watching more episodes tomorrow and the next few days and I am so excited to see how it all ends. Of course, I’ve read about the ending, but I just want to finally watch it myself this time. Sure can’t wait for the movie.

Weird thing is, now that I've been reunited with the girls, I actually miss Vinny, Drama, E and Turtle.

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