The first banoffee thingy I ever tasted was the one from Starbucks and it didn't take more than two bites before I realized I wasn't a huge fan. This is why when the Red Ribbon banoffee pie came out, I wasn't bent on falling in line.

One time at the mall though, after realizing that we'd eaten everywhere there, Honeybun and I decided to eat at Red Ribbon, which I originally hated because of their small servings.

We ordered set meals. Honeybun went for the caldereta while I chose the Salisbury steak. The caldereta was rich, but it lacked some more saltiness and that zing. My steak on the other hand was amazingly decent, plus the scoop of mashed potatoes didn't taste as if it was originally in powder form 5 minutes ago.

The set meals came with cakes and when we were asked what particular cake we wanted, there was no doubt about it.

The verdict? We love it. The crust is buttery and crumbly with the walnuts. The caramel and chocolate layers aren't overwhelmingly sweet. The bananas are perfect. And the cream is, well, your regular cream.

Now I have a newfound respect and appetite for Red Ribbon goodies. I miss their ube macapuno cake and pork empanadas right now. It's almost midnight but I wanna go to a Red Ribbon.