Attended an event today and as usual, two great things happened: I met fabulous people and I ate some really good grub.

I was reunited with some PR friends, one of which narrated her very dramatic love story (guy she was gonna marry went to team-building and called off the whole thing when he returend - that's just the start!). I saw Julie again, who went with me to Bohol to feature the luxury resort Eskaya. And then I met Leah who works for a magazine for moms. Realizing that we shared similar interests when it comes to actors (Jude and Cate!), TV shows (America's Next Top Model) and magazines (Real Simple and Domino), we just chatted our vocal chords out.

Lunch at M Cafe was superb, despite the interminable wait.

The spicy pumpkin curry soup which had yogurt, pepper and coriander was very rich and filling. It was a little spicy though and I wasn't in the mood for something like that so I barely touched it. My main dish was poached hainan ginger spring chicken. I enjoyed the fried shallots side dish more and totally ignored the garlic rice.

The much awaited dessert platter was composed of various creme brulees (the chocolate chili was the best and most interesting), brazo de lemon, mango sticky rice that no one tasted and the jackfruit cashew sans rival (my favorite).

At the end of the meal though, I realized that what I enjoyed the most there was that crunchy piece of carrot stick dipped in spicy peanut sauce. Yummers!!!