I recently finished watching the whole season of Top Design and I loved it. Not as much as I loved Project Runway or America's Next Top Model, but I loved Top Design nevertheless.

I admit I bought it because of host Todd Oldham, who I dug ever since MTV House of Style (Remember The Grind and Lip Service???). In the Bravo TV show though, Todd's not that brilliant as a host and he actually sounds funny - like Ziggy or someone from Sesame Street. His clothes, on the other hand, are always worth second and third looks.

There is one judge - interior designer and so-called tastemaker Kelly Wearstler - who is very beautiful I swear I always impatiently wait for judging time just to see how beautiful she is. And to check out her ever-changing hairstyles, plus cool fashion sense as well, of course.

Going back to the show, Top Design is Bravo TV's reality competition series for individuals interested in interior design. Just like Project Runway, the show has time-limited challenges for the contestants every episode and someone gets booted out until the best one remains.

The best one, apparently, is winner Matt Lorenz. Matt is an interior designer from Chicago and he's thin, tall and cute in a semi-geeky-gay kind of way even if he already has a daughter. Oh, his designs are really impressive too. In fact, his taste is so obviously a cut above the rest you just know he'd win the competition.

Another contestant is Carisa and while she has her share of boo-boos and harsh criticism from the judges, I found myself liking most of her designs since she goes for a lot of bright colors and some really simple, modern styles. Her clothes were okay too.

Oh, I fell in Like with one of the contestants too. His name is Goil, a 20-ish-looking 30-ish Thai interior designer, architect and teacher who is undeniably talented. In one particular group challenge, he was basically ignored and it broke my heart how his heart was broken by the super evil teammates who were clearly stupid not to listen to his amazing ideas. I fell in Like the moment I saw him sniffing.

What I love most about the show is when the judges take a look at the results. While it's fun to see the how-to's and the drama, seeing the polished, final set-up is always fun-ner.

I'm missing the guys but I can't wait for the next season. Hope there's a next one.