This MTV show is one of my latest boob tube (erm laptop monitor) addictions. It’s dripping with so much high school drama it’s irresistible!

Lauren Conrad or LC is the main “star” of the reality-based TV show and she’s just so lovable. I adore how wide-eyed and innocent and sophisticatedly kikay she is. I didn’t like her that much in Laguna Beach, the show before The Hills, which featured the high school life of LC and her friends. I was part of team Kristin. One episode though, I just didn’t like Kristin anymore because she was suddenly so boring and I started liking LC a lot. I fell in love with her when she became an intern for Teen Vogue.

Apart from LC, the other people from The Hills are also likable. LC’s new BFF Audrina is easy on the eyes and she never fails to entertain whenever she masochistically goes back to douchebag Justin Bobby. Heidi, LC’s coworker at Teen Vogue (she used to be LC’s fellow intern but got promoted), is kinda blah but she provides some really great instances like when she was walking down the stairs wearing an elegant gown and fell for the whole of America to see. And then there is Brody, LC’s love interest, who is lovely to stare at. Of course, there is the infamous couple made up of Spencer and Heidi. I find Spencer really ugly and obnoxious and ambitious and attention-deprived and Beavis-looking (or is it Butthead?). Heidi on the other hand should be the enemy but I love her as well. I find her maturity, eloquence and fashion style quite impressive.

There’s so much flirting and fighting and drama and shallowness in the show and it’s just great TV. There have been speculations on the show being fake, but I don’t really care. Staged or not, it’s so much fun to watch. The soundtrack is also superb. They play all these great songs I’ve never heard my whole life, but each one is just perfect. I recently heard a song called Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy from the show’s episode 16 and my ears instantly loved it. I downloaded it in no time and it’s been in loop mode ever since.

In the latest episode, Spencer’s ugly sister was in town causing so much drama and trouble. She causes even more trouble next episode when she tells her ugly brother that she thinks Heidi doesn’t really want to marry him.

Can’t wait.

Photos from: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/the_hills/photos.jhtml