Yesterday, I had an event to attend and fearing I would be late for it, I had a quick lunch over at Wendy's where I ordered biggie fries and biggie lite iced tea. It was already a little past two in the afternoon and I was naturally starving, but it's amazing how I didn't get to finish my meal. The fries were just too much (wish I ordered a large one instead of the biggie) while the drink seemed never-ending that I had to pause from time to time just so I could finish it.

The venue of the event I was attending was this new mall called TriNoma and I discovered that their parking is hell. We ended up parking at the seventh and last level because there was no available spot in the other levels. Worse thing is that my bladder was ready to burst so I cursed every full parking level that we passed.

I was literally running to the nearest comfort room after we finally got to park and while I was using the urinal, I totally understood why they call comfort rooms as such.

Relieved, I had my bladder refilled, this time with a very refreshing fruit shake from Fuzion, care of the ever-generous Johna. It was so delicious I didn't even bother finding out which fruits were in it. I just sipped and moaned.

Later on, I bumped heads with a colleague and had chitchat and chismis with her at Max Brenner, where I asked for a cup of hot Danish chocolate. The drink was so rich I felt so guilty with every sip that I took. Needless to say, the liquefied chocolate was moan-inducing.

For dinner, a celeb and his friend treated my companions and I to Kenny Rogers (seriously, which celeb would treat others at Kenny? ;)). I wasn't feeling hungry so I just got some chicken noodle soup and coleslaw. Can you believe that I wasn't able to finish both of them?

After a long day, I got home, transferred new songs to my mobile phone and enjoyed my first-ever Krispy Kreme donut (yeah I'm a loser that way). The ever-generous and thoughtful Johna bought me a box as ubong and while I am very grateful, I also think she wants to fatten me up and then feed me to the wolves. Burp.