I've been a really really good boy these past few days so I decided to give in to temptation awhile ago and be a super bad boy. Just how did I become one? By buying a large bag of cocktail chicharon or pork rind from RL Lapid's.

Of course, I had to ask for a lot of vinegar because chicharon isn't chicharon without suka. Unfortunately, the tindera gave me a challenging time that I had to ask twice for her to up my number of vinegar packets.

At home, Honeybun and I enjoyed it while watching Samantha dance (to Sade's By Your Side) with Richard after coming out of the swimming pool. That has got to be my most favorite Samantha Jones scene.

Going back to the chicharon, it was pure heaven. The pork rind crackling when it was being dipped in vinegar was music to my ears. A piece of it was a piece of heaven for my taste buds. My gawd, if I make this a nightly habit, I might just go to heaven earlier than expected.