Holiday today - yay! - so Honeybun and I just stayed at home watching Cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model from morning to afternoon.

We then met up with Paowie for dinner at our favorite tapsihan in the neighborhood. Tired of tapsilog, I ordered for a bowl of arroz caldo and enjoyed every single spoonful of it. In fact, I've recently been addicted to goto and lugaw these past few days, going to Goto King for lunch and dinner a couple of times.

Afterwards, we dashed off to a nearby coffeeshop where we enjoyed a great game of Taboo (I should get myself one) over cinnamon roll and iced chocolate. It was fun to have the time to just hang out and chitchat again. It wasn't so long ago when everything was so simple and it seemed as if we had all the time in the world. Now everything revolves around work, money and the future. Not that those are bad; it's just that it's really nice to take a breather sometimes, just like the one I had today.

Tomorrow, it's back to the real world and I'm recharged and ready for it once again.