When I was around 7 years old, my then-alive maternal grandfather used to bring home ubong (pasalubong or take-home goodies) for me and my brother every Friday night. Some Fridays it was Coney Island ice cream (cookies and cream or pistachio or bubble gum - yummers!!!), some Fridays it was Goldilocks choco slice or marble slice.

My favorite has to be the easy-to-make leche flan from Alsa. The little box contained a packet of magic powder that would turn into leche flan when heated with water in a saucepan. The box also contained a packet of liquid caramelized sugar that you first put in your leche flan container before puring in the actual leche flan mixture. I swear it tasted like the real thing. It's sad how it's not available anymore. :(

Another of my faves is this mini choco mallow. What made it different from today's choco mallows was how its marshmallow came in flavors such as strawberry or orange. Each piece was also wrapped in amazing gold and red or gold and orange foil.

These mini choco mallows had some sort of sister - a mini ice cream cone that was filled with marshmallow. They were super yummers and I remember finishing several cones in one sitting. Again, too bad they don't make it anymore.

When I was at the grocery store recently, my heart skipped a beat when I saw something that resembled my kiddie favorite, the choco mallow cones. This time around, it comes in two sizes (large and small) and three flavors (chocolate, strawberry and cookies and cream). I bought one and couldn't wait to go home and taste it - and check if it's the same old favorite from my childhood.

Well, it wasn't. The filling inside wasn't marshmallow. It's this weird air-filled chocolate, which amazingly still tasted good.

Still haven't reunited with my kiddie favorite, but at least I discovered something interesting.