Dropped by the toy section awhile ago and was fascinated with today’s dolls and nope, I’m not talking about Barbie.

I’m talking about My Scene and Bratz dolls who all look like Angelina Jolie. I saw one who resembles Mrs. Pitt and another who looks like a slutty Gwen Stefani. Don’t they just look blow job ready?

And then there’s this one – a poor doll with an ill-fitted dress – with an insanely entertaining, mind-boggling label on the box: Exotic Beauty, Collector Edition, Princess Obsession Earthling.

I also loved these weird-looking baby dolls that eerily looked a little old. They had weird brand names such as My Care Baby, Ha La Baby and Wa Wa Baby.

I guess I’ll just let Orb and the rest of my future kids stick with Jack Skellington.