Mang Johnny and his son James (or "Jims" as his dad would say) are finally done repainting our room and I love how the result is exactly what I wanted. Now the room looks like some strawberry-coffee frap because of our dirty pink carpet, mocha walls and choco brown cornizas or whateva-you-callits.

Honeybun and I decided to take in a huge unwanted bookshelf and fill it with my books and magazines so that we can get rid of my plastic containers, which she passionately hates. Thing is, some other stuff ended going inside those containers so we still have my beloved plastic boxes, all 20 of them.

A little history. I fell in love with these boxes the moment I saw them in SM. And so I bought a white, smoky one, and then another and another and another. I became so obsessed with them that I continued buying even if they ran out of the white, smoky kind. So now I have light blue and blue-green ones too apart from the white, smoky original ones. By the way, price started at P250, climbed to P275, and then P300, and then P350. I have no idea how much one costs now.

Going back to the boxes inside the room, I ended up putting some of them in my cabinet and since it can't fit all 20, some had to remain outside the cabinet. Honeybun hates them and has been trying to convince me to either hide or give them away, which I can't do since I have grown attached.

The boxes aren't the only stuff she hates, by the way. She doesn't like our carpet, the wall paint color, our present desk and our blinds. Too many things, actually, which is bothering me. She wants to re-do everything, but I already like what I see. I already spent so much for the project!!! I guess I'm a control freak when it comes to house/home matters. I'm a housewife that way.

The room isn't Domino-worthy yet (especially if you ask Honeybun), so it's not the best time to post a picture. Maybe when we already get to hang a framed picture of us together on the wall.

And when I finally, sniff, get rid of those plastic containers.