Among the three Destiny's Child girls, Kelly Rowland has always been my least favorite. I like her too but there are times when she just sounds and seems like a second-rate Beyonce, always failing to step up and be her own special self. I mean, Beyonce is the most famous, the lead singer almost all of the time, the most passionate and talented in performing while Michelle has this strange, special, unique voice, plus she's got that third leg factor that makes her even more endearing.

When I went to Aparri a couple of months ago, our gang went to this little bar with rakistas performing old rock songs and heavy metal tunes. During their break, the sound system people played a series of R&B songs and one song caught my ears. It was love at first note and I couldn't get it out of my head. The frustrating part is, I didn't know the title of the song and the singer.

Awhile ago, I finally discovered the title of the song and the singer: "Can't Nobody" by Kelly Rowland.

And then I discovered another Kelly gem: a song called "Still in Love with an Ex." I instantly downloaded it. I have been playing it for an hour now and have been crying for 30 minutes. I think I'm a Kelly fan now.

Unfortunately, there's no video for it yet and the next best thing in YouTube is a fanvid using SIMS. It's pretty okay, although the crying parts are hilarious, which ruins the mood. I hope Kelly comes out with a real video for it.